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Sam Musguin-Rowe is a British freelance journalist and writer.

Specialising in lifestyle/investigative journalism, gaining access to subcultures and immersing himself in a story, Sam contributes short and longform features to a wide variety of magazines, newspapers and websites around the globe.

With experience in editing, copywriting, consultancy and video production, Sam regularly works on projects and bespoke content for a broad client base across all platforms, such as consumer magazine specials, sponsored supplements and multimedia campaigns.

Sam has a first-class honours degree in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University, received the Mike Matthews Award for Features Journalism in 2010 and was on the launch team of online magazine, Sabotage Times.

He later worked at Loaded magazine, spending two years travelling the world for a diversity of subjects, including Ukrainian mail order brides, Mexican lucha libre and an exposé on homelessness in London. Sam became the publication's youngest ever features editor in 2011, securing such cover stars as Tenacious D, Kenny Powers and Kermit the Frog, before leaving to pursue a freelance career in 2012.

Sam lives and works in East London, with his wife and their attention-seeking dachshund, Douglas. If you'd like to work with Sam, purchase any material or get in touch, please do so using the contact form.

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